REMAINS of Greenland

REsearch and Management of Archaeological sites IN a changing environment and Society

Setting up our Basecamp at Qoornoq
Discussing our new field protocol for site description and risk assessment
Evaluating the state of preservation at a heavily eroded site
The organic preservation is still very good at the Inuit site Kangeq
Archaeologists at work
The in-situ preservation group at work
Environmental monitorring equipment was installed at five sites
An eBee plane was used to map larger areas
Our new multispectral camera is being installed on the drone
Shooting multisprectal images in order to investiagte the vegetation/biomass
Manual measurements of NDVI
Classification of the different plant types growing at the archaeological sites
The archaeological sites located in the inner parts of the fiords are heavily affected by the increase in vegetation
Getting all the finds into system
3 weeks of fieldwork, 15 people and a whole lot of equipment
Everything becomes more difficult at low tide
All the finds are sorted and some are selected for decay studies.
The REMAINS Group 2016

Photo: Roberto Fortuna, National Museum of Denmark

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